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**Please be advised, this book is adult romance. This book is a prequel novella. All books in the Commander in Briefs series can be read as a stand-alone.**




Kristy Marie




Adult, romance, fiction


No one needs that many hookups!
Not even soon to be major league pitcher, Theo Von Bremen.
So, I help him by routinely thinning out his contact list—because I’m the best roommate ever. And he’s optimal baby daddy material.
For me—not Amanda 1, 2, or 3.
But since the man can’t take a hint; I’ll continue to spray his sheets with my perfume and accidentally leave my panties in his laundry.
That has to be enough to break a man eventually. Right?

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(Ink Stains are an equivalent to stars in any other form of rating, ranging from the standard 1 to 5 – for this review, they should be blood stains but oh well…)

“The girl is mine. I will never let her go. Not now. Not ever.” – Kristy Marie, image provided by Word Smith Publicity

This novella was mighty short and mighty emotional.
I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible to have so many emotions for a novella (but it must because I’m that emotional one) – maybe it’s because I’m returning to this world rather than joining it for the first time. (Though each book is written so that you can jump in at any point and not lose any important information!)

I absolutely adored seeing Anniston and Theo in their younger years. It was like, a little glimpse of what made them who they were when I first met them in Commander in Briefs!

“I’m going to be devastated. Devastated. The kind you never recover from.” – Kristy Marie, image provided by Word Smith Publicity

If you haven’t met either of them yet, you’re sorely missing out. Anniston is an incredibly fierce and headstrong girl who has a heart of gold, while Theo is the asshole who you can’t help but love to get frustrated over. It was so great to see them in context from before book one, to see them when they first met and how they grew together.

I think the main thing that I always have, and always will, love about Theo and Anniston’s relationship is how it started; as friends. Friends who would literally do anything for each other, friends with the kind of bond that makes you envious, friends who are sometimes such dumbasses that they don’t see what’s right in front of them.

“All I can do is think about leaving her behind. For someone else to love her. To steal her away.” – Kristy Marie, image provided by Word Smith Publicity

It’s not a secret how much Theo and Anniston love each other. It’s a classic story of miscommunication and denial, of trying to see who will make the first move and alway making that move at the wrong time. Both stubborn, both strong personalities, both just equally blinded because of it – seeing where it stemmed from literally had my heart all aflutter for most of the time I was reading this. Seeing how the two were before Commander was something I didn’t really think I needed until I heard we were getting it.

Now, I think it’s an integral part to their story if you want that little bit extra. And though I call it integral, it also stands on it’s own two feet pretty damn well if I do say so myself. A new reader would be able to pick up this as their first read of the entire series and still be able to get into it with these two (though they wouldn’t get all the rest of my favourite boys until later). Gah, Kristy Marie just does an incredible job at being able to walk that line between “this is part of a full series” and “this can be read by itself” with all of her writing and I absolutely love it.

“I hate that he makes me crazy. I hate that I care if he goes out with other girls. I hate that I love him and I’m not sure he feels the same.” – Kristy Marie, image provided by Word Smith Publicity

Pitcher is as comedic and lighthearted as it is generous and romantic. Though we were introduced to Theo and Anniston in Commander technically, in Pitcher we get to see the roots of where the jealousy stems and the romance blooms – and to be honest, it’s quite spectacular.

If you’d excuse me, I’m off to start a complete reread of this series now. Reading Pitcher has put me in this weird nostalgic mood and I miss the rest of the gang. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in my reading corner, gushing over these amazingly developed characters, Kristy’s writing and how much I love these stories.




Connect with Kristy Marie on her Website for her other books, talk with her on Twitter, see updates on her Instagram and Facebook, and follow her on Goodreads.

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