The 4 indie authors who I have found through Bookstagram

And why I love them!

So, my last random post of happiness was about the 5 people who I met through Bookstagram and why they’ve changed my life. I thought it would be great to discuss some of my favourite independent authors next, to shake things up a bit, as I don’t see a lot of publicity for authors who have put so much effort into writing, editing, promoting and self-publishing their own books!

And it’s no surprise to anyone that some of my favourite authors are less well-known and/or self-published authors. Honestly, sometimes the writing of a self-published author is just so much better than a traditionally published author – it makes me wonder what goes warrants a manuscript to be picked up from the sludge pile at all. (But that’s a rant for another time.)

These authors are listed in no particular order, because I love them all, and this is definitely not an extensive list of indie authors – unfortunately, I don’t know as many as I would like. Some of these authors you might know yourself, via your own bookish obsessions, or have just heard of through me (because, again, I love them.) Whether you know them or not, feel free to take a look at their work (and my reviews of their works!) I’ll link to their Instagram and then also their author profiles on Book Depository (they have FREE shipping!) where possible!

Apologies in advance though – there are a lot of links indeed! They should all open in a new tab.

1. Laura Thalassa (@laurathalassa)

Laura Thalassa has been around for enough time that she’s written about a thousand and one books that I have added to my TBR since reading just one. If you haven’t been following me for long, I became enamoured with Thalassa’s writing after picking up a 2018 release of hers, Pestilence. Since buying it, I’ve reread it 4 times and have loved it more every single time (that’s just the magic of her writing!) – you can read my Pestilence review here!

Of course, she’s also written other books – they’re on my TBR (along with a billion other books) and one day, I will get them and read them. Her next release is book 2 of the Four Horsemen series, War, and I’ve got to be honest with everyone here that I pre-ordered a limited edition book box for it from Wicked Creatures Box.

(Which might not sound so bad, but they’re a US company and I’m in Australia, and international shipping + currency conversions = not a happy bank account. But it does equal a very happy Nildene, so I think I win in the long-run!)

Find her books!

2. P. J. Shepherd (@authorpjshepherd)

PJ!!! This gorgeous chica I met through mutuals on Bookstagram and honestly, have not even looked back. For me, she’s one of those friends who I can easily fall into conversations with (even after weeks of no talking), someone I know I can trust to listen when I need it (and vice versa, I hope!) and someone who I just, I’m really grateful I have someone in my life like her. The way she sees the world is unlike myself, so it’s great to know I have her there for me.

I can’t talk much about her books and writing, though I have her books (in that dreaded TBR pile) but from the snippets I have read, I really should sit my butt down and start them. Her Where Creatures Hide series has an astonishingly 3 editions each (original, special edition and, recently, hardbacks!) which I just think is incredible. She’s done this all on her own and it makes my heart go all gooey because of how proud I am that she’s achieved all that she has.

I only own 2 of the 3 books out at the moment, Where Creatures Hide and Where Puppets Hide. Where Puppets Hide, which was released back in May, is next on my list to buy! And then I need them all in hardback too, because if you take a look, the covers are simply stunning.

Find her books!

3. Pepper Winters (@pepperwinters)

Pepper Winters was someone I found also through mutuals on Bookstagram, but less in the personal sense and more in the “you need to read her books” sense. (Looking at you @lovingcassian!) Winters has written a lot of books, predominantly mature romances – these, I have not gotten around to reading yet (but one day!) I have read her Ribbon Duet though, which is the reason that she’s made my list of loves.

Book 1, The Boy and His Ribbon, crept up on me and ensnared me into a soft embrace. Book 2, The Girl and Her Ren, took that embrace and held me captive instead. Guys (and I mean that gender-neutrally) this duology is the beginning and ending of me and my emotions. It was so good and I would absolutely recommend it if you want to explore more publications from unknown authors.

Her latest release, a companion novel to the Ribbon Duet, is The Son and His Hope and I have it on order from Book Depository and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Find her books!

4. A. B. Endacott (@alicejaneboere)

Alice is a darling. I don’t remember how we crossed paths, but it might have been a giveaway? Not sure, but whatever it was, I’m so glad that it happened! Alice writes some incredible stories – I have only managed to read the first book of her Legends of the Godskissed Continent series, Queendom of the Seven Lakes, but do own King of the Seven Lakes and The Ruthless Land. They’re both on my TBR to read as soon as I start unpacking my books again (remember, I’ve been moving a lot in the last year!)

Alice also has two books of her Dark Trilogy out; book one, Dark Intent, I also own (somewhere in the pile of my TBR) and book two, Dark Purpose, was released only recently! Fun fact: if you live in Melbourne, Dymocks Camberwell (Camberwell, VIC) and Andrew’s Bookshop (Ivanhoe, VIC) have signed editions – give them a visit or a call!

Find her books!

So obviously, this is not an extensive list of indie authors—the title of the post should tell you that—but I am always looking for more self-published, independent authors. Drop a comment of some of your favourites!

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