I’m the person behind the Life of Ink and Words!

My name is Nildene (you can find me under N. A. Spagnuolo as well) and I’m really into books. I love chocolate too, and Netflix, and my dog. I read more than I write, but I have ongoing writing projects, which I sometimes send out snippets to on my Instagram.

You may have also noticed that theres a tab called Linktree? No problem if you didn’t notice at all, I just want to explain that that goes to a link of ALL my links ever; includes Bookstagram, writing, twitter, affiliate links and more!

What to expect on here:

  • Book recommendations posts
  • Book reviews
  • TBR piles
  • A growing list of bookish loot and where you can get some yourself! (You can also see this on Instagram @lifeofinkandwords)
  • Giveaways on rare occasions and more!

I try to be pretty broad with my topics, and I’m building my blog to be more engaging – I think it’s time to start writing about books more than taking photos of them all the time (particularly when the light disappears in winter and there’s no time to take photos).

If you’d like to request a review from me, please see my Review Request page.

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