Review Policy

I am currently accepting Review Requests!

Formats I accept

Physical books, ePub, MOBI & PDF.

For those who wish to provide a physical book, please note that I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Genres I accept

These genres can range from Children’s Fiction to Adult, including Middle Grade and New Adult.

Graphic novels/Comics

*Though I may accept it, I am extremely picky with what contemporaries I read, mostly due to the fact that I sometimes can’t get into them and most are not for me.
^I accept certain topics of non-fiction. I enjoy subjects about science (like physics, genealogy, anthropology, astrophysics, the universe etc.) but am open to reading about other topics. Some specific non-fiction topics are listed in the Genres I will not accept list below.
IMPORTANT: I am open to reading pretty much every topic, but if your content is mature, taboo or includes triggering matter, please advise me of it so that I don’t go in unprepared. I am usually comfortable reading darker books, but only if I think that I will enjoy them and am aware of what I’m getting myself into. The maturity level of a book is not the defining factor on if I accept, or do not accept, a Review Request.

Genres I will NOT accept

Religious texts

Language & Maturity

I am comfortable with most levels of mature content (my reading scope is quite broad) but I will require you to be upfront with what you’re intending for me to read. As I mentioned before, I am open to most topics, but please advise me if your content is considered mature, taboo or triggering.

I am comfortable with profanity in books, as long as it suits the tone, theme and overall genre of the book.

I am currently accepting on English publications. I am able to read French publications if they are on the easier side; I usually read middle grade French books, as that is my current reading level. Reviews for publications in other languages will be in English.


As stated on my Review Requests page, each request is on a case-by-case basis. I will read the synopsis and will accept if it sounds like something I would enjoy.

I will ensure to make my reviews spoiler free, unless you state otherwise (or are not fussed) and I will discuss what I did and didn’t enjoy about the book. The topics I cover may include the following;

  • Writing style
  • Plot
  • Characters (development or just in general)
  • Pace (and if it worked well for the story)
  • An overall opinion

I usually include some form of media banner (which I often create myself from the book’s cover) – if you are alright with me manipulating your book’s cover for a banner, please provide a high-res JPG file of the cover in your Review Request. If your promotional materials already include a banner, please kindly provide it if you’d like me to use it. (The banner’s size needs to fit a 2800x1200px, or ratio thereof)

I also may include the following media and extras;

  • Book’s synopsis (often sourced directly from Goodreads, unless it is provided specifically by you)
  • Title, author and main genre(s)
  • Quotes (pulled directly from the edition of the book I have read – this helps me break up my review)
  • Places to purchase/find more information on the book (including a link to Book Depository, Booktopia and Goodreads)
  • Links to your author profile on Goodreads, your website, blog and other social media streams (if you have them). If you could kindly provide these links, that would be great.

I keep my reviews completely honest. If I don’t enjoy your book, my review will explain why it was not a book for me but why it could be a book for someone else to enjoy. The only exception to this is if I decide to DNF a book, I will contact you directly in regards to posting the review at all.
In this case, if it is a physical copy, I will offer to return the book to you** or pass it on to another bookstagrammer or blogger (who has been approved by you). If the copy was digital, I am happy to privately recommend it to other approved bookstagrammers or bloggers if I think they would enjoy it instead. I have no control over other bookstagrammers or bloggers review policies and once this has been agreed upon, I have no control.

**Extra shipping and handling costs won’t be covered by me.

Reviews will be posted to my blog and to Goodreads.

I try to send out emails weekly, sometimes fortnightly, to all the previous weeks/fortnight’s reviews – this email will include a link to the review I have posted for your book. This email will be sent to the email that you use to submit the Review Request.


Review Requests sent via the Contact form will not be accepted (as sometimes they do not come through correctly). I will not purchase your book to fulfil a Review Request.

Once I have written my review and it has been posted, I give only the author (or the author’s publicity manager) permission to use parts of my review as part of the book’s promotion as long as credit is given. Please advise me if you are intending to use parts of my review for promotional purposes so that I am aware.

I am happy to be invited on blog tours and to complete other promotional posts, including giveaways, chapter/teaser/excerpt releases* or author interviews. You can include these requests in your initial Review Request, or ask for them later on. The only exceptions to this is that if I rate the book below 2.5 stars or DNF it, I will not do a giveaway or any other promotional activities for that specific book on my blog. If the review is 3 stars, I will not do any other promotional activities for the book on my blog.

*chapter/excerpt/teaser releases will be posted via Instagram stories and a link to a View Only document (a link I will make available on my Linktree). Exceptions to this are upon request and are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please indicate if you would like to discuss more options.

See more info on my Review Requests page!

You may also contact me at, or on my social media streams, if you have any questions. All requests must be via email.

Last updated: June 17 2019

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