Review Requests

Please ensure that you have read and understood my Review Policies.

As a lover of books and a reviewer, I’d love to be able to review every book out there but unfortunately, I’m only human and I don’t have all the time in the world to read. If you would like me to review your book, please send me an email at Include all details including title, ISBN, genre and release date – also the publisher! I will read and review self-published works as well, as long as they are published with an ISBN.

Self-published work which does not have an ISBN will not receive a public review, but may receive private feedback between myself and the author as an alpha or beta reader.

Blog tour requests are welcome – I enjoy being part of a group that promotes the love of new books. If you’re hosting a blog tour for a book, or your book, I’d be happy to be a part of it to read and review a copy. I am happy to involve myself in a giveaway or interview within the tour as well, if requested.

Your work remains your own (obviously) and I will adhere to any embargoes that are in place in regards to reviews (please include these details so that I am aware of them from the beginning). Reviews may be published prior to your embargo date upon request and you may use any part of my review as part of your book’s promotion, as long as credit is given. I will read and review your book honestly and to the best of my ability; please provide any media or extra content if you would like it to be featured in the review.

My reviews remain my own thoughts in an honest opinion. If these do not meet your expectations, I apologise but cannot change what I think. It is unlikely that I will accept a request of a book which I do not think I will inherently enjoy in some way.

An exception to the above issue is if I have agreed to a request and have found that I immensely did not think the book was for me (i.e. DNF), at which time I will contact you directly in regards to posting the review at all. In this case, if it is a physical copy, I will offer to return the book to you* or pass it on to another bookstagrammer or blogger (who has been approved by you)*. If the copy was digital, I am happy to privately recommend it to other approved bookstagrammers or bloggers if I think they would enjoy it instead. I have no control over other bookstagrammers or bloggers review policies and once this has been agreed upon, I have no control.
*Extra shipping and handling costs won’t be covered by me.

Important to note; I am not in the position to purchase a book to fulfil a review request. If you request a review, please be aware I will need to be provided with a copy gratis.

Please read my Review Policy before sending a request through.

Last updated: June 17 2019

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